Mid and South Essex IAPT - COVID Respiratory Support

Long-term health conditions can understandably bring about anxious feelings. Add to this a positive COVID test and we could see ourselves faced with more uncertainty and worry.

We are here to support you to help you recognise and separate feelings of anxiety from other symptoms that you might be experiencing, giving you all the tools and techniques to manage these effectively. On this dedicated support page, you will find a range of resources and calming exercises that will help you better understand and resolve unwanted symptoms associated with anxiety, such as breathlessness.

Understanding anxiety when faced with COVID

Presented by Laura, High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & EMDR Practitioner

Laura Cocks, High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & EMDR Practitioner

Please view this introductory video before moving on to the 5 exercises detailed below

5 exercises for managing breathlessness you can do right now

Meet Eve and Hannah, Assistant Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist at Southend Hospital. They will take you through easy-to-follow techniques to help get your breathing under control, as well as working to calm the mind and body.


Exercise 1 - Balloon breathing

Mindful breathing that allows thoughts to come and go without being intrusive.


Exercise 2 - Breathing through a square

Giving you a focus point that helps to concentrate and enhance the way you breathe.


Exercise 3 - Flowers and candles

A calming technique that uses real-world experiences to keep a steady breath rhythm.


Exercise 4 - Dropping the anchor

Gently ‘ground’ yourself and your feelings, whilst understanding how fear and breathlessness work hand-in-hand.


Exercise 5 - Posture and breathlessness

Discover how to relieve tension in your chest by making simple changes to the way you sit and lie down.

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